[VIDEO] Webinar: Modern Big Data Infrastructure

28. dubna 2021/Johnson Darkwah

Watch our webinar on Modern Big Data Infrastructure given by our CEO Johnson Darkwah on April 7th.

Were you not able to join us for our webinar in April? No problem, you can watch it below in its entirety. Tune in to find out more about Big Data infrastructure solutions, and how to choose what's right for your needs. We cover the pros and cons of both cloud and on-premise solutions, plus much more. If you have any comments or questions, send us an email and we'll have someone get in touch with you ASAP.

About webinar

Our world is constantly changing. The world of big data and data analytics is no exception. On the contrary, this space is changing even faster. Business leaders face exploding volumes of data both within and outside of their company. To remain competitive businesses have more emphasis on understanding and predicting business trends through analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence applications which leads to constant modernization. On the other hand modernization of big data infrastructure usually requires process changes, training, re-architecture, and a long painful migration. Is it worth it?

We at Gauss Algorithmic are working around big data infrastructures for more than 7 years with such clients as Deutsche Telekom, Tatrabanka, and Vodafone. The webinar will be led by Johnson Darkwah - Gauss Algorithmic CEO and Big Data expert since 2010.


  • Why are people talking about modernizing their data infrastructure? Common pain points and motivation for change
  • Is it worth it? Use-cases ... What have some businesses achieved with the change?
  • A new approach. Working from customer experience backward modern technologies.
  • What new and interesting technology we can use today and in which use cases they excel.
  • How to get started? A blueprint for getting started. Steps needed to run internally.


Johnson Darkwah, CEO Gauss Algorithmic

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