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With over 50 projects in 12 industries on 3 continents, we have refined our approach to deliver the best AI & Data Management services

# AI Services

Below is a complete set of topics that we can either consult or help develop a working solution

Computer Vision

  • Image classification
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Object detection
  • Video classification
  • Human pose estimation
  • Depth estimation

Natural Language Processing

  • Text classification
  • Zero-shot classification
  • Text Summarisation
  • Text-to-text generation
  • AI-based Translation
  • Table Question & Answering
  • Entity extraction


  • Document Question & Answering
  • Visual question and answering
  • Graph machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning

# Data Management

Below is a complete set of topics that we can either consult or help develop a working solution

Beyond Expert Level

  • Cloudera Data Platform
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Kafka
  • Clickhouse DB
  • Keboola
  • Kubernetes
  • Snowflake

Popular Services

  • Web scraping
  • Data warehouse cleanup
  • Data warehouse design
  • Moving to the cloud
  • On-premise data lakes
  • Preparing for AI
  • Time series analysis


  • Document digitalization
  • Data governance
  • Data security
  • Data vizualization

Don't miss out on the AI opportunity

AI will be a game changer

Some predict that it will be as common as the relational database, practically meaning it will be in every piece of software we write. Leading companies know that you need to bring business innovation together with the AI technology. So how do we do that?

We provide you the right skills at the right time

We bring to your project an expetional team with the right skillsets for each stage of development process. Plus they are generally really cool people to hang around.

We apply our in-depth discovery process

Customers typically have a hard time fully explaining themselves. Deep understanding of pains and gains is essential. We go as far as testing the experience ourselves.

We search for the best sustainable outcome

With over 50 projects in 12 industries, we know our work doesn't end with delivery. Through education and knowledge sharing, we give you the power to sustain and even improve the solution over time.

Bringing big ideas to life

We love big ideas, but to succeed with a large scale AI project you need move forward in small steps, considering both the model performance and the way you bring those results into the real world.

Reimagine construction safety with computer vision

A construction site is a constantly changing environment. How can you efficiently monitor it? How can it help reduce injuries? An AI model alone doesn't solve the problem. These questions eventually lead to building a full blown product.
Autonomous drones included :)

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More examples of our work

We created Kapnetix.ai which makes the mocap process more than 10x faster without compromising on quality.

AI Product

Our application makes running an international fast food chain easier with realtime insights and recommendations

AI Product