Digital twin restaurant for Burger King in France

Our application makes running an international fast food chain easier with realtime insights and recommendations

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Restaurant digital twin

In co-operation with Merim Group, we've built a digital twin representation of each Burger King restaurant in France. The results are provided in a mobile-first easy to understand digital experience.

We were approached by the Merim Groupe to help them create a custom dashboard for their Burger King restaurants in France. At the time, they were managing about 300 different locations of this fast food chain. Our goal was to create a tool to give managers a detailed overview of all relevant data at any given moment. This included the current status of orders, the traffic of any given restaurant, a summary of product sales, and week-to-week comparisons.

Dashboard screenshot 1 from DashKing

Insightful dashboards for restaurant managers

Burger King now takes orders through multiple channels, including over the phone, via self-service kiosks, and through the drive-through window. This makes it more complicated for a manager to monitor the activity of the restaurant, because he can’t just look for a line in front of the counter. Being able to make short-term predictions about customer order volume is crucial for optimizing a fast food restaurant because you often need to adjust the number of people taking or preparing orders.

Dashboard screenshot 2 from DashKing

A cloud Kubernetes solution for real time data processing

Together with Merim Groupe, we have created a Kubernetes solution where we process all available data in real time. In addition to the aforementioned order tracking, we also streamlined both accounting and logistics, and helped track coupons for marketing purposes. We currently handle operations and data processing for approximately 600 Burger King and Steak n' Shake locations in France and on Réunion island.

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Merim Groupe

The Merim Group is a France-based company that specializes in the digitalization of points of sale in the QSR field


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