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Here are the most common situations our new customers find themselves in …
"We’re curious if there’s an AI solution or feature that could be added to our existing product."
Do any of these apply to you?
  • “We’ve launched a product, and focused on growth.”
  • “We need to differentiate or add unique features.”
  • “We have little or no practical experience with AI.”
  • “We’re skeptical about AI and not sure if it’s just hype.”
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"We want to use AI to intelligently automate our parts of our workflow to boost productivity and scale up."
Do any of these apply to you?
  • “Repetitive, monotonous tasks are eating our man hours.”
  • “We’re sure there must be a way to automate them.”
  • “We can’t find a suitable, pre-made solution on the market.”
  • “We’re not ready to build an in-house AI development team.”
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"We want to use AI to perform complex decision making to gain an edge over our competition."
Do any of these apply to you?
  • “We’re making key decisions based on feeling and not data.”
  • “There are many fluctuating variables for us to consider.”
  • “Critical business decisions are taking us far too long to make.”
  • “We feel that a data-driven approach will make a big difference.”
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Gauss Algorithmic is a trusted AI provider to over 30 global organizations

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Our proven approach to profitable AI solutions

We have a relaxed company culture, but we produce serious results. Our methodology has been proven and refined over the course of 50+ successful projects and has 5 key phases.


Our structured process to understand the current behavior and outcomes, determining if we are solving the right problem.

Defined Goals

With the business needs in mind, we use the discovery insights to define the right goals of our solution.


A design is created and rapidly executed in small phases that provide value to the business.


Each phase is carefully validated against the defined goals.


We keep maintainers close during the whole process to simplify knowledge transfer.

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Since 2013 we've been helping companies in almost every sector to efficiently use data & AI methods, allowing them to outperform their competition so badly that it ALMOST feels unfair. Almost. 😉

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