Text summarization uses machine learning to save you time

We’ve all had this problem ever since we were kids in school. There’s never enough time to finish all of the required reading! So back in the day we turned to book summaries to tell us the main points about The Great Gatsby or The Lord of the Flies so that we could still pass our test.

I don’t know about you, but my life has only gotten MORE busy since middle school. And there’s still way more that needs reading than I have time for. So when machine learning made it possible to simply drop a document into a text summarizer to receive an on-demand summary of any length of text, I was very thankful to our new robot overlords. 

Improve your product by adding artificial intelligence

What’s great is that this type of technology can be integrated into your existing product! Whether you’re building a word processor, electronic health records (EHR) software, or research paper database — now you can save your users hours of their life by incorporating a text or document summarizer.

To give you the highest level of accuracy, you can train your model using whatever data is the best match to your use case. This way your text summarizer will be able to recognize the information that’s most important to your users, no matter what kind of text or documents that you’re working with.

Curious about what’s possible with machine learning?

No one likes doing repetitive, boring tasks over and over again. Luckily, you can add any number of AI-powered features to your product to do these tasks instead. Whether that’s adding a text summarizer, or something even more sophisticated, you can add powerful new tools to help you stand out from your competition.

Usually the only limitation on what you can train AI to do is the quality and quantity of the data you have available. That’s why we strongly recommend a data evaluation as one of the first steps when offering an AI consultation to our clients. We even offer a completely free consultation with one of our AI engineers if you want to learn more about what’s possible. Or you can visit our website to learn more about the many different possible applications of AI.

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