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April 15, 2021/Alex Alderman

When I started working at Gauss, I went through a standard onboarding. I got to meet my new colleagues, and part of that process was learning more about what each of them does at the company.

Turns out, I work with data scientists, astrophysicists, big data architects, and biomedical engineers — and the list (somehow) goes on and on. 🤯

Here’s the thing… I work in marketing. I didn’t even go to school for it. 🤷‍♂️ To say that I don’t understand even half of what my colleagues do is quite an understatement.

But over the next couple of years, I’m going to do my best to learn as much as I can about what they know… and I want you to learn with me.

Why is that valuable to you? 🤔 Well consider this:

Even if you follow the latest business trends, you may not have heard of some of the technologies that may determine the winners and losers over the next 3-10 years.

Let’s fix that.

The ones you have heard of, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, are often vaguely understood in theory, but most business owners don’t know how to integrate them into their business model — and I don’t mean in 3-10 years, or in some theoretical future — I mean now. There are real, tangible ways to leverage these technologies TODAY.

We’re going to be covering topics like:

💬 Natural language processing
📊 Big Data
🌐 Deep neural networks
🤖 Machine learning
🤯 … and more!

Each of these big, complex topics are going to be broken down into bite sized pieces and explained from my perspective: a simple content marketer who learned about these concepts only a few days before you will.

Wait… why is that a positive, and not a negative?

Because I’m a fresh pair of eyes. Because I understand what probably needs to be explained 2-3 times … slowly. Because I’m being taught by actual experts in their fields.

I also used to be a teacher in a former life 👨‍🏫 — that also seems relevant.

Each subject is going to be broken up into at least 8–10 parts, each covering a crucial concept that you need to understand if you want to predict the impact that these new technologies will have on your business.

Follow us on LinkedIn to always know when a blog is up. If you don’t want to wait to learn more about how these technologies can impact your business, you can always contact our team for a consultation.

I personally can’t wait to learn more about these fascinating topics. I hope you’ll learn with me!

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