Customer relation

Get to better know your customers, understand their needs and improve your customer service. Valuable information can be found in the data from social networks, presentations, checkouts or customer lines. Ask us how.

Customer experience

Poor customer service can easily nullify investments in product development and advertising or the company's reputation. Continuous improvement of customer experience from their first salutation to resolving queries or complaints is a key factor for business success.

How do we analyze data?

  1. Web statistics - Where from and where to users go, what they click on, where delays are, and so on. We divide users into segments, for which we can prepare better targeted communication.
  2. Content of electronic communication - what the most common themes of communication are, how fast you are able to react or how many users who answer the question will become your customers. We reveal errors and opportunities for the improvement of communication.
  3. Social media - how often they talk about your brand and products, what the sentiment is, which users are ambassadors of your brand and bring you new customers and further information.
  4. Other data - External databases may include information about the creditworthiness of clients or their movement (e.g. geolocation mobile phones).

Possible uses

Big data analysis allows you to get a better overview of your customers, their perspective on your business, your product's performance and quality of communication, as well as user support. Allows you to always make decisions only on the basis of verified information and improve effectiveness, and find new opportunities for your business


Discover the behavior of customers and gain them through a personal touch. Increase loyalty as well as conversion ratio.

Targeting campaign

Better targeting of marketing campaigns mean greater efficiency of spending and higher return (ROI).

Predictive analytics

Look into the future and discover new opportunities before the competition. Predict possible variations of market development and pinpoint them.

„According to an IDG survey, 70% of companies in the world use or plan to use big data analysis.“

How do I use it?

The basis for everything are the data about your customers and products. If you have this in the company's system for customer relations management (sometimes a common billing program also has this function), it is ideal to connect the information system with web analytics and data from social networks.

How to get connected to data, what they look for and how to use information extracted from them are questions that our experts will help solve. Write us.

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