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Our recommendation engine is looking to match the best job offers with the best candidates.

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In cooperation with the data team at JERY, we have developed a recommendation engine for the JERY talent acquisition marketplace app, which is looking to match the best job offers with the best candidates.

AI recommends job offers to applicants

JERY is a job portal that connects job applicants and companies with relevant offers. We could simply call it the French LinkedIn. The company turned to us for help in implementing the AI features into its product. The result is a solution that recommends the most suitable job offer to the candidate and, conversely, assigns the best possible candidates to the given offer.

Reducing the risk

We started working with JERY by dividing the whole process into four phases. The individual phases could be deployed individually to reduce the risk. The aim was to create a so-called recommendation engine, which processes quite a few parameters and on the basis of them will recommend suitable job offers to applicants. It processes, for example, education, type of job, salary conditions, hard and soft skills of the candidate, time options for starting and many others. The whole process works by the candidate simply uploading his CV to the JERY system and setting his preferences. The recommender engine will then select the most suitable job offer that might interest him. The mentioned four phases are set to increase the accuracy of the result.

A flexible recommender system

Based on specific requirements and demands, JERY has a unique technology – our experts have developed a tailor-made algorithm. The engine works on the principle of a recommender system.

The big advantage is the fact that our solution can be very easily adapted, so the customer can modify it himself without much intervention in the code.

New investment for the client

The benefit and result of our cooperation is the fact that the client received an investment in the further development of their product.

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Jery.io develops an ai-based recruitment and mobility management platform


Paris, FR


Human resources

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