Use the information that you yourself give users for a more personal approach and streamline the purchasing process. Personalization helps build relationships with customers, increases loyalty, and thereby positively affects business results.

Establish personal contact

Communication, advertising campaigns, and the majority of offers e-shop reminds one of a conversation between two strangers who met in a club. They paid the admission, they like roughly the same music, but otherwise they do not know anything about each other, so often they do not overcome the initial barrier. Personalization turns the steamy anonymous club into a nice get-together with good friends who have uninhibited fun together, share experiences and do business together.

It's up to you whether you want to continue to look for anonymous customers or make your customers your friends whose wishes, preferences and needs you know perfectly.

Advantages of personalization

  • Better communication targeting - personalized menu corresponding to the current needs of customers which are identified on the basis of their profile and behavior on the Web and on social networks.
  • Better targeting of advertising campaigns - display ads with products with the most likelihood that a user will purchase at a given time.
  • Increasing retention and loyalty - Data Analysis will answer the question of why some of your customers leave and predictive models will draw your attention to customers who are dissatisfied in time.
  • Increased conversion ratio - better communication targeting and advertising campaigns also mean a higher likelihood to purchase.
  • Overall improved customer experience - a personal approach and customized product offering increases customer satisfaction and their overall shopping experience on your site.

The above advantages can naturally be applied as well to other than Internet companies. If, a shop has a loyalty system, then you may get a lot of interesting correlations that can be used to improve communication with the customer.

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