Machine learning

Take advantage of the ability of computer systems to learn from correlations hidden in the data. Machine learning is powered by Internet search engines, protects mailboxes against spam or helps with machine translation of texts. You too can integrate artificial intelligence to your winning team.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning deals with exactly what its name says, namely the development of artificial intelligence on a computer which is able to learn from data and adapt to change. Artificial intelligence comprises running algorithms that are able to decide or even predict future developments based on the input data.

Machine Learning - scheme Gauss Algorithmic

What it is used for

We use the results of machine learning unknowingly every day. It is the brain of Internet search engines, anti-spam filters protecting mailboxes and accounts for most operations in global financial markets. They are used wherever there is a need to make fast, data-based decisions or to predict likely future developments. Ask us how machine learning can really help you.

Predictive analytics

Look into the future and discover new opportunities before the competition. Predict the possible variants of the market, identify potential risks and future opportunities..

Big data analysis

Start making the right decisions based on information hidden in your data. Understand customer behavior, hidden characteristics of markets or reveal risk factors for your business.

How we proceed

  1. We define the task and clarify the questions that we seek answers to - a precise description of the task to be solved, researched values, input data and project objectives.
  2. We collect and cultivate data – ensure access to all necessary data and convert them to the appropriate machine-processable format.
  3. We propose the appropriate algorithms and begin to teach them – we use statistical methods and artificial intelligence to find patterns, correlations and useful information in the data.
  4. We apply the algorithms in practice – the learned algorithms solve defined tasks in real time on the basis of the input data. At the same time it learns new data and adapts to changing conditions (feedback).

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