Machine learning and automation

Benefit from the ability of computer systems to learn from information hidden in data

Machine learning and automation

Machine learning enables us to introduce higher levels of automation to many business and manufacturing processes across various industries. Artificial intelligence can learn from data, adapt to change, and even predict future development based on input data.

We can help you

Utilize data

We can offer our expertise in data engineering, data science and scientific research.

Understand the current development

We will give you insight into the latest research and AI-related technology.

Implement processes in your company

We will advise you on how to apply methods and tools to accelerate the current AI development in your company.

Facilitate implementation

Our experience helps us reduce risks during the implementation process.

Decision-making based on algorithms

Machine learning helps companies be more efficient, identify patterns in data and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Learned algorithms solve defined tasks in real time based on input data. At the same time, the algorithms use new data to learn and adapt to new conditions.

Collaboration with data scientists

Companies that don’t want to be left behind often use professional teams specialized in big data analyses and AI. Our team of experienced data scientists collaborates with employees from various companies, helping them define and address key issues. We are experienced in implementing autonomous processes and machine learning in industries like telco, retail and advertising.

Case studies

Stories of our successful clients whom we‘ve helped push their business forward using data.

An AI model for the mySASY app
An AI model for the mySASY app

For the mySASY training application, we shortened the measurement time from 15 to 4 minutes using advanced artificia...

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We must know, we will know

Expert team in big data and AI

Our team has presented hundreds of insights in many possible formats. We use tools and methods developed and used by scientific teams dedicated to research.

Tailored approach

We strongly consider the existing business environment, capabilities to execute and skill of the staff. This enables us to provide minimum risk and bring quick success to your company.

Working with the best innovators

Cloudera, Microsoft, Clever Analytics, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Power BI, Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks