Gauss Customer Data Platform

A 360-degree view of your customer

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a must-have for any retail-oriented organization that wants to stay ahead of the competition. We’ll integrate all your customer related data sources into one customer profile.

Know your customer and their journey across sales and communication channels. Data integration is easy with Gauss CDP.


Fast time to value

It doesn’t take weeks to get results.


Grows with your business needs.

User-friendly interface

Simple setup, administration and access to all customer data.

Compliant with regulations

Data are fully anonymized and compliant with related EU legislation.

Easy integration

A wide range of data integration connectors.


The solution maintains the best possible cost to performance ratio.

Know your customers

Customer behavior is changing fast these days. Consumers are using more touchpoints before purchase than ever before. On the other hand, they expect a seamless transition between these channels, where they receive only relevant communication. We’ll integrate data from various sources, creating a single customer profile. But the integration of customer data is only the beginning. What’s essential is to get the necessary information from data in order to really understand the client’s needs.

CRM versus CDP

You can collect a lot of data about your clients, and there are several systems on the market that will help you to sort data. CRM (customer-relationship management) integrates customer data, but it has one big disadvantage: it cannot process huge volumes of data from other sources. Customer Data Platform enables you to quickly integrate data, and the processes are automated and secure.


Gauss Customer Data Platform

Key features


Gauss CDP can be connected to a cloud (AWS, Azure), and you will also connect it to your favorite tools (Notebooks, BI, REST API…). The integration of data takes almost no time.


We use our own mechanism for linking customer identifiers and for cross-device identification (XDID). Our infrastructure is fully automated.


Our CDP thoroughly secured. Encryption and key management are built in the solution.

Gauss Customer Data Platform

Who uses CDP


Your results will be based on hard data. You’ll be able to easily creates multi touchpoint attribution models. The results will help you set KPI correctly and achieve higher ROI.


Tracks user experience in much more detail. See your customer’s journey across sales channels and understand their behavior.


Calculate Customer Lifetime Value more accurately to better understand the correlation of customer behavior and turnover.

Business intelligence

Create new and more insightful reports for higher management. Achieve higher productivity thanks to real-time data processing in the cloud.

Case studies

Stories of our successful clients whom we‘ve helped push their business forward using data.

Raiffeisen Bank – Smart Lead Generation
Raiffeisen Bank – Smart Lead Generation

Discover the needs of your customers at the right time and start talking to them ahead of the competition

More info about Raiffeisen Bank – Smart Lead Generation

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We must know, we will know

Expert team in big data and AI

Our team has presented hundreds of insights in many possible formats. We use tools and methods developed and used by scientific teams dedicated to research.

Tailored approach

We strongly consider the existing business environment, capabilities to execute and skill of the staff. This enables us to provide minimum risk and bring quick success to your company.

Working with the best innovators

Cloudera, Microsoft, Clever Analytics, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Power BI, Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks