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Cloudera is a technology company providing an ecosystem of software solutions for processing and effectively using big data. They develop and simplify the use of selected open-source technologies, which are then used by the largest banks, mobile operators, or the well-known technology companies.

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Hybrid Cloud Solution

Cloudera Data Platform allows customers to combine their own on-premise resources and resources in the cloud from a single administration environment, where the same rules of data use and security are maintained.

High performance and capacity

Cloudera offers powerful and scalable tools for almost all types of analytical tasks.

Cloudera SDX

SDX allows you to set one-time security and data and metadata management policies and automatically enforce them across analytics workloads in a hybrid or multi-cloud solution.

Widely used solution

10/10 top mobile operators. 8/10 of the largest banks. Intel, MasterCard or even NASA.

The collaboration between Gauss Algorithmic and Clouder has lasted since 2016. Our experts have been fully trained to deliver Clouder technologies to the most demanding enterprise and industrial environments. Our specialization is the preparation of the Cloudera environments for the work of data specialists and researchers who build solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Cloudera Data Platform

How can Gauss Algorithmic and Cloudera help you

Offload DWH

Cloudera has been proven to effectively reduce costs, especially associated with the licensed use of traditional DWH (data warehouse). We can find analytical tasks that are more suitable to run on the Clouder environment and ensure their smooth transfer. This reduces the necessary capacity needed on traditional systems.

Streaming and real-time processing

We allow you to process and evaluate continuous data streams with sub-second latencies.

Secure access for highly sensitive data

We are highly experienced in processing and storing highly sensitive data to meet regulatory requirements or recognized standards such as PCI-DSS.

Case studies

Stories of our successful clients whom we‘ve helped push their business forward using data.

Slovak Telekom – Big data infrastructure
Slovak Telekom – Big data infrastructure

Modern data infrastructure for Slovak Telekom and access to new interesting data

More info about Slovak Telekom – Big data infrastructure

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We must know, we will know

Expert team in big data and AI

Our team has presented hundreds of insights in many possible formats. We use tools and methods developed and used by scientific teams dedicated to research.

Tailored approach

We strongly consider the existing business environment, capabilities to execute and skill of the staff. This enables us to provide minimum risk and bring quick success to your company.

Working with the best innovators

Cloudera, Microsoft, Clever Analytics, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Power BI, Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks