Raiffeisen Bank – Smart Lead Generation

Discover the needs of your customers at the right time and start talking to them ahead of the competition


Lending is the most important contributor of retail gross income in the banking sector. While the share of digital loans is increasing, so are the costs to acquire these new-to-bank lending customers. Digital marketing spaces are very crowded, especially for financial services, and it’s difficult to get the attention of high-value customers.


We offered a solution, where we could understand the customers' motivation to look for a loan offer. Why does the user need the money? Does he want to buy a car? Does the family need a new kitchen? Is the customer trying to consolidate his financing?

Banks can typically discover these motivations after the customer has used the money, but it would be great to discover these needs at the right time and start talking to the customer ahead of the competition.

Our solution combined internal and external customer interactions, where through partnered digital marketing platforms we could analyze contextual information and understand the current interests of customers. This was then correlated with historical acquisitions by the bank and used as training data for a model that would target look-alike customers through the partnered marketing platform.

The solution led to new customer acquisitions based only on the data at comparable marketing costs.

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Find new customers

The Smart Lead Generation solution is available on the Gauss Customer Data Platform.

Johnson Darkwah
Johnson Darkwah CEO

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