„We must know. We will know“

We are obsessed with finding answers. We are statisticians, astrophysicists, computer scientists and economists. We help companies to expose and exploit the wealth hidden in data for their further development.

Introduction to Gauss Algorithmic

We founded the company, Gauss Algorithmic, in 2013 with the aim of providing superior service in the analysis of big data, machine learning and predictive analytics. Our team consists of leading specialists in scientific and commercial applications of artificial intelligence and expert managers with years of experience in marketing, financial management and e-commerce.

We offer their knowledge and experience gained during the development of Internet search engines and e-shops, algorithms for trading on financial markets or analyzing data from spacecraft to companies that are not afraid to get a head start by providing the technologies of tomorrow. Ask us how big data, machine learning and predicting future trends can help you. We are obsessed with finding answers...