Thanks to we are no longer incognito

Digital agency,, which proposed our logo and corporate identity, prepared a new website for us. We can finally answer the questions on what, and for whom we work with web links.

1. November 2014

Author: Jaroslav Pilný, PR manager Category: News

„After spending a year in hiding, we needed a new website. When presenting our services to new clients, the site was missing valuable information,” said Chief Financial Officer Tomáš Raška about the launch of the new site, "I move among investors and top managers who have just a general idea about the technology and possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. I am glad that my colleagues placed texts on the website that are understandable even to non-experts; and when doing so, they accurately describe our services“.

The leading Czech digitální agentura, which currently specializes mainly in work for foreign clients, developed the web presentation. “Designing the web for Gauss Algo was fun for me. The client got into my concept of using vector graphics and icons, so we understood each other perfectly,” Michal Šoller, a senior web designer from said about the new site.

We believe that you will enjoy the new site and that you will regularly monitor our blog.

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