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We will show you how to use your data in practice. When we talk to clients, we aim to design a solution that makes technical and business sense. We have taught data to make money – through machine learning or big data analysis.

Where we can help

We help you to uncover the wealth in data to grow, sustain and transform.

AI developmentAI development

Do you have a working product? Looking to boost it with an AI-driven feature...

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Build an AI-driven productBuild an AI-driven product

From an idea to production implementation. We will help define, verify and b...

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Technology modernizationTechnology modernization

We are fast. Don't wait months, we help you deploy within a few weeks. We ha...

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Case studies

Great success stories of our clients who we have helped find the value in data and move their business forward.

SEO text proofreading and optimization
SEO text proofreading and optimization

We’re able to use AI to paraphrase a very large volume of text and then refine the search results.

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Implementing an AI recommendation engine at Jery
Implementing an AI recommendation engine at Jery

Our recommendation engine is looking to match the best job offers with the best candidates.

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We are obsessed with finding answers

Research is at the heart of what we do. Our research team loves to explore unmapped territories, find answers to difficult questions and solve problems using machine learning, big data, predictive analytics or process automation. 

Be inspired by our work.

We have strong partners

We choose strong, well-established partners for our data integration, predictive analytics or big data processing projects.


Blog articles

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[LWM] Entity recognition 2

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[LWM] NLP: Bag-of-words

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[LWM] NLP: Text summarization

[LWM] NLP: Text summarization

04. 7. 2022Read more [LWM] NLP: Text summarization