Adaptive pricing

Adjust the price of products offered to the current state of the market and increase sales and profits. Adaptive pricing is based on Data Analysis on prices, inventory and demand.

Determination of the ideal current selling price

Every businessman tries to find the perfect price, which at a given moment will bring him the highest turnover, profit and number of orders. Internet shops are especially sensitive to determination of the correct price, because their customers have the opportunity to compare the offer of many e-shops in a few seconds. Adaptive pricing completely solves the problem of correct prices.

Different Prices for different objectives

There is no one correct price. Price is always a function of time intervals in which it is offered, market status and goal the vendor wants to achieve. Most often vendors want to achieve:

  • Maximizing the number of orders
  • Maximizing turnover
  • Maximizing profit
  • Maximizing the sale of accessory items

Targets may of course vary and may be different for different product groups. Configuration changes can be carried out immediately.

How can I use it?

Adaptive pricing is based on the analysis of internal and external data.

  • Statistics of visitors and searches
  • Purchase prices and stock levels
  • Relationship between products
  • Price levels for billing, fees for transport, etc.
  • Market conditions and offers by the competition.

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