Build an AI-driven product

Let’s help you create a new revenue stream for your business

Build an AI-driven product

From an idea to production implementation. We will help define, verify and build your new product and get it to your customer.

Let's solve the whole problem

We can help with big data analysis, reporting or putting AI models into production. These tasks are sometimes part of a bigger opportunity.

We can help you build everything from just an idea or jump into an ongoing strategy execution. Sometimes clients can approach us with a concrete product request, but we’ve created a unique discovery process that helps us verify if we are solving the problem and if we are providing the right user experience.

A clear and user centric view of what we are trying to solve is essential to a successful product launch.


Business focus

Blindly providing nicely packaged data solutions is not our style. We talk to our customers a LOT. Key is finding the value for the business early on. This helps define the success metrics of the product or solution we need to provide. Thanks to our proven processes, we can provide the fastest way from solution design to production operation.


From data to product

Merim Group approached us with the vision of creating an analytical product for a worldwide known fast food chain. The first idea was let’s create a dashboard for the restaurants. But the key question was why would they need it? When we looked at the needs of dashboard users, we found that it would be much more useful to design a mobile application. We built not only the data side, but also the designed and co-operated development of the application itself, which the client has monetized.


Let's focus on

Data analytics
Big data infrastructures
Data protection and information security
Machine learning and automation
Data integration
Data monetization
Data cleaning

Case studies

Stories of our successful clients whom we‘ve helped push their business forward using data.

Implementing an AI recommendation engine at Jery
Implementing an AI recommendation engine at Jery

Our recommendation engine is looking to match the best job offers with the best candidates.

More info about Implementing an AI recommendation engine at Jery

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We must know, we will know

Expert team in big data and AI

Our team has presented hundreds of insights in many possible formats. We use tools and methods developed and used by scientific teams dedicated to research.

Tailored approach

We strongly consider the existing business environment, capabilities to execute and skill of the staff. This enables us to provide minimum risk and bring quick success to your company.

Working with the best innovators

Cloudera, Microsoft, Clever Analytics, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Power BI, Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks