Big data in e-Commerce

Make your customers an offer that they cannot resist. Our solutions enable you to understand the buying behavior of users, approach them with a tailor-made offer and display goods which they are most likely to buy.

Anticipate customers’ wishes

Every year Internet users generate billions of gigabytes of data on their computers, tablets and phones (four billion gigabytes in 2012), which contain valuable information about their behavior and interests. Their analysis can find answers to questions asked by everyone who wants to increase conversion rates, efficiency and profitability of his or her on-line business.

  • What goods or services is the customer most likely to buy?
  • How different is the buying behavior of individual customers?
  • When and how shall I approach my customers so that they make a purchase?
  • What is currently the best price of a product?

We can analyze statistics of website visits, orders, communication content, videos, photos and last but not least a billion posts on social networks. If you want to know more about the opportunity to get answers from your data, contact us.

Our e-commerce application

To get you answers to your most frequently asked business questions, we have prepared several products that will help you make correct decisions quickly.

Recommended products

Deliver suitable offers to the right customer at the right time.


Tailor your communication and customized offers to every customer.

Optimization of pricing

Adjust pricing based on the current changes in market prices, inventory or demand.


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